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Productivity is Never an Accident

It is a strong commitment to excellence, smart planning, focused actions and intelligent technologies.

Our Range of Services


Artificial Intelligence

Improve your organisation’s productivity with artificial intelligence.


Software Robotics

Improve the quality and efficiency of your rule-based back-office processes.


Big Data

Answer more questions, more accurately for better solid business decisions.


Low Code

Launch new services faster and with excellent quality and security.

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons to choose Productivity Leap to enhance your business, here are just a few of them...


Expert Knowledge

We are experienced in delivering solutions with an excellent time-to-market.


Proven Track Record

We have a proven record to improve productivity for more than 30%.


Dedicated Support

We guarantee your satisfaction. Actually we believe in our value so strongly that we give you a money-back-guarantee.

More About

Productivity Leap

Productivity Leap is an agile ICT company whose solutions bring your organisation’s productivity to a new level. We know by experience that new technologies and agile methods reduce costs, improve quality and speed up operations.

“We have worked side by side with Leap, and I believe it is their cutting-edge know-how that has enabled the enormous progress we have achieved. Leap brings in new ideas, and they are highly motivated to facilitate Keusote’s development. Our partner’s extensive insight in the health and social services sector and industry-leading expertise in knowledge management speed up the project significantly,”

Tuomas Hujala, Keusote

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