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Uutiset kokoaa yhteen tiimimme asiantuntijoiden kirjoittamia ajankohtaisia blogipostauksia sekä uusimpia asiakastöitämme. Tutustu alta uusimpiin julkaisuihimme.

Annual review – Part 1

The year 2019 for Productivity Leap also evident in terms of financial statements. Overall, an eventful year is behind us. During the year, we grew to be a professional team of 19 instead of six, which we started with. Revenue grew from 400 thousand euros to 1.3 million euros. We got to implement fine projects with clients. Partnerships were created, and the projects carried out were successful.

During the year, we got a confirmation that there was much demand for our provided services. Clients look for and require new innovative ways to do things. Despite its revitalizing reputation in the IT industry, it has accumulated an unacceptable amount of legacy practices. They have formed in time, and things are done rigidly, bureaucratically. Often operating models and architectures do not support swift, efficient, productive, and high-quality activity. Very slowly, users have access to solutions, and they necessarily do not fulfill their needs, which was the purpose of the solution.

Thus, operating methods and technologies have orders. A model-driven implementation model, after tens of years of development, is at the point that it can be utilized in different fields. Cloud architectures allow for swift implementations, also regarding infrastructure. The operating models of development can be renewed, and technology is not a barrier to lucrative applications.

We willingly participate in ecosystems of areas, and we play different roles in them. An excellent example of this is the Helsinki and Uudenmaa hospital district (HUS) led by the CleverHealth Network ecosystem, where we could work as a developer to utilize information in data pools together with clinics, and on the other hand as a service provider for other ecosystem members regarding the HUS data pool, data warehouse, and different dataset.

In some projects, our role is a general contractor and in some a subcontractor. As a minor actor, we are as flexible as possible in different models.

The year 2019 was spectacular, and hopefully, the best is yet ahead. Our objective for this year is to extend our staff of professionals to 35 and increase our revenue to 2.5 million euros. Regarding the start of the year, everything looks good. Clients are interested in our services, and companies seek to form partnerships with us. Professionals from different sides want to join us; we are holding steady at 22 experts at the moment.


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