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Solutions with Modern Technologies


We provide versatile ICT solutions for your organization's needs. We know from experience that modern technologies and agile methods reduce costs, improve quality and speed up operations.

Information Management and Data Governance

We create information management solutions tailored for your needs, with expertise ranging from architecture and data warehousing to developing user-friendly interfaces. With the help of advanced data analytics, you effectively boost your organization's productivity and make informed business decisions.

  • DWA-based on-premises and cloud data warehouses

  • Information management consulting

  • Service design

  • Analytics

  • Data governance

  • Artificial intelligence/AI solutions


Integrations, precisely aligned with your business processes, contribute to improved productivity. We collaborate to define and build high-performance, reliable integrations, allowing you to concentrate on your core business without concerns of the performance of information systems.

  • Process modeling

Software Development and Low-code

Do you need a finished product quickly? Our low-code team helps your organization develop high-quality and secure mobile and web applications and portals using modern low-code tools.

  • Low-code tools

  • Customized software development


Utilizing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps streamline your operations by automating tasks within information systems. This minimizes repetitive work and reduces processing time. The software robot can operate autonomously or collaboratively with human input.

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