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Uutiset kokoaa yhteen tiimimme asiantuntijoiden kirjoittamia ajankohtaisia blogipostauksia sekä uusimpia asiakastöitämme. Tutustu alta uusimpiin julkaisuihimme.

Advanced technologies to guide the diagnosis and treatment of acute leukemia

Chief Physician and Professor of personalized cancer medicine Kimmo Porkka and his team at Helsinki University Hospital (HUS) Comprehensive Cancer Center have made significant progress in harnessing advanced technologies to guide diagnosis and treatment of acute leukemia.

Productivity Leap has been involved in implementing the Acute Leukemia research collaboration project, which used advanced technologies to manage the vast amount of data involved in care of each oncology patient. After two years of research collaboration with Tietoevry, Productivity Leap and research partners, the project, completed in 2022, has yielded successful outcomes.

The project used profiling of disease cells, data integration and the HUS datalake resources to accelerate diagnostics and aid clinicians in the complex management of their oncology patients.

A remarkable effort was made to harmonize patient data into an international standard data model known as OMOP (Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership). This work facilitates scaling up and commercializing project outcomes in university hospitals in Finland and beyond.

“We are extremely proud to have been involved in an important and meaningful project under the guidance of Kimmo Porkka. As a certified OMOP SME partner, we believe that similar projects and the use of data in the development of health technology will significantly increase in the future. Consequently, we can contribute to accelerating the utilization of important innovations for various stakeholders.” - Kari Natunen


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