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Siili and Productivity Leap to develop a comprehensive analytics solution for the City of Espoo

The City of Espoo has selected Siili and Productivity Leap as their development and maintenance partner to implement a comprehensive analytics solution for the City of Espoo.

The conglomerate will build a comprehensive analytics solution for the city of Espoo, offering support and maintenance services as well as expert analytics services. The estimated total value of the acquisition is approximately € 5M and its duration is 4 years.

Both Siili and Productivity Leap are excited about the collaboration and the upcoming project.

"We are proud and delighted to provide the City of Espoo with a comprehensive digital solution. Siili has excellence in cloud, data and analytics solutions, and our long-term work to develop our knowledge to meet the demands of the market has been successful", says Timo Luhtaniemi, CEO of Siili Solutions.

“We are very pleased with the opportunity to develop a comprehensive analytics solution for the City of Espoo together with Siili. Our company is involved in a number of public data warehouse, reporting and analytics projects and our experienced experts specialize in leveraging new innovative approaches and technologies. We are able to provide the City of Espoo with a long-term, agile and change-flexible solution that makes it easy and quick to develop analytics solutions for different industries", says Kari Natunen, the CEO of Productivity Leap.

Siili Solutions

Founded in 2005, Siili is a technology-independent software system development service company that provides system-wide IT expert services. The company's customer sectors include public administration, finance, media and telecommunications, as well as industry and services. The offered service areas are divided into technology platforms, digital services, information management, architecture and lean project management.

Productivity Leap

Productivity Leap provides IT services, products and consulting to streamline processes, the use of resources and sharing, and improves quality. Operations are based on modern technology and agile operating models. Productivity Leap's service areas include: Next Gen DW, Low code services and consulting.

More information:

Timo Luhtaniemi

CEO, Siili Solutions Oyj


Kari Natunen

CEO, Productivity Leap


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