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Productivity Leap and OutSystems form a partnership contract

“Low-code software development platforms are the next wave of productivity”

IT-company Productivity Leap Oy has formed a partnership contract with Portuguese software company OutSystems.

Productivity Leap provides its customers with IT services, products and consulting that streamline processes, resource utilization and sharing. The company's operations are based on new technology and agile operating models. Most of Productivity Leap's sales go to large customers in the government, municipal and social sectors, as well as in banking and finance.

According to the CEO of the company, Kari Natunen, the tools of OutSystems are a great fit for these operation environments.

“The financial sector and public administration are very similar from a system design point of view. Both systems are massive in size and investment. In addition, they are integrated with numerous other systems. OutSystems enables the quick development of digital transformation in large-scale environments in a simple and secure manner. ”

"In this type of implementations, our experience and expertise combined with OutSystems' expressive power provides our customers with clear and easily utilized added value" tells Natunen.

Productivity Leap ended up with OutSystems tools because of their technical capabilities, operational models and partner support. The OutSystems model favors the creation of individual agile teams, but also the implementation of large-scale implementations through the Digital Factory concept. This enables small implementations and, at the same time, scalable implementations in customer organizations.

For OutSystems, the partnership is a new kind of opening with a local operator. It also brings growth opportunities for the public, banking and insurance sectors.

“Productivity Leap complements OutSystems’ field of partnership in the public and financial sectors. The major transformations that technology brings are the most significant applications of OutSystems. Productivity Leap's expertise makes the agile implementation of strategic projects possible for customers in Finland, ”says Ilkka Vanhanen, sales director of OutSystems Nordic.

The low-code technology developed by OutSystems makes it possible for Productivity Leap programmers to build and test customized systems on a quick schedule.

Rapidly emerging needs for software changes can be easily accomplished on low-code systems. OutSystems' ready-to-use visual software components reduce errors in large projects, which increases the reliability and usability of projects.

According to Natunen, low-code technology helps them internally, among other things, in resource management. For example, the tools provide students with a clear path to a career.

“Still, it is good to have experts in all projects, especially with large clients, to ensure that the system is integrated with the existing infrastructure. OutSystems’ implementations emphasize the knowhow of service design, integration and interface utilization”, says Natunen.

He thinks that the low-code technology represents the next wave of productivity: Instead of writing traditional code, software is described with a graphical tool. Logic is formed by combining ready-made components and assembled just like Lego blocks. Instead of remembering the rules of a programming language, the implementer can focus on what is important: solving the problem.

OutSystems' solutions for the public sector, banking and finance include multichannel customer experience, backend system renewal and integration, as well as the digitalization of processes, including claims handling by insurance companies.

For more information:

Kari Natunen


Productivity Leap

Tel. 040 836 9962

Ilkka Vanhanen

Sales Director, Finland and Nordic Countries


Tel. 045 181 8028

Productivity Leap

Productivity Leap provides IT services, products and consulting that streamline processes, the use and sharing of resources, as well as improving quality. Operations are based on modern technology and agile operation models. Productivity Leap's service areas include: Low code, Next Gen DW services and consulting. For more information visit:, Twitter: @ProdLeaping and LinkedIn:


OutSystems is a software company based in Portugal that has developed a low-code platform for rapid application development. Engineers who value detail built a platform to help organizations create business applications and make their businesses more agile. OutSystems is the only solution that combines the best of low-code development with mobile applications, enabling the visual development of complete applications that can be easily integrated to existing systems. OutSystems has thousands of customers in 52 countries. For more information visit, Twitter @OutSystems and LinkedIn

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