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ICT company Productivity Leap has been awarded prestigious international EHDEN certification

Productivity Leap is an expert ICT company that specializes in software robotics, artificial intelligence, and analytics, and it is the second company in Finland to have achieved the status of certified EHDEN company partner. EHDEN company partners act as partners to EHDEN Data Partners in medical research projects. International certification strengthens Productivity Leap’s position as an expert in data model analysis.

EHDEN (the European Health Data & Evidence Network) is a network that promotes medical research and enables extensive research collaboration between European countries. All over Europe, the health care industry uses a high number of patient data systems, each with different databases for storing data. When carrying out extensive and decentralized medical research, it is often necessary to carry out the same database queries on the databases of different organizations who are participating in the research. In order for the results of the queries to be comparable, an observational medical outcomes partnership (OMOP) common data model is required.

“In research that utilizes an OMOP common data model, only the results of analyses are transferred, and there is no need to send sensitive patient data through data networks. This is a data-secure method of working,” explains Kari Natunen, CEO of Productivity Leap.

A partner in research projects

Productivity Leap was certified as an EHDEN company partner in October. The certification verifies the company’s competence with the OMOP common data model and indicates its expertise in data analysis.

“We have completed demanding training, and now as a result we are the second Finnish company to achieve certification. In the future, the quality of our operations will also be assessed so that we can demonstrate that our work meets EHDEN standards,” adds Natunen.

As a certified EHDEN corporate partner, Productivity Leap can participate in linking data to an OMOP common data model in EHDEN Data Partners’ national and international research projects.

“In practice, patient information data controllers can obtain funding for their own research projects from the EHDEN network. Certified company partners are used to carry out the projects. For example, we carried out an OMOP implementation for the HUS Helsinki University Hospital’s CleverHealth Network project. Other Data Partners in Finland carrying out EHDEN-funded research projects are the Hospital District of Southwest Finland, the Pirkanmaa Hospital District, and BCB Medical Oy.

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