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Health and social services county information management solution for Keusote

Yleiskuva asiakkaista Pärjääjämallin mukaisesti ryhmiteltynä
Coper model - Pärjääjämalli

Project: Data warehouse solution

Customer: Joint Municipal Authority for Social and Healthcare in Central Uusimaa (Keusote)

Environment: Azure Cloud Services

Data warehouse: Snowflake

Conceptual modelling tool: Ellie

Modelling method: Conceptual modelling-based Data Vault 2.0

Automation tool: WhereScape 3D + RED

Machine learning: Azure Databricks



· Essential knowledge management solution

· Compiles data from numerous systems

· Versatile reporting opportunities

· Supports organisation strategy

· Facilitates resource scaling

· Contributes to the preparation of predictions


Keusote aims to lead the way in knowledge management

Knowledge management is vital in the organisation and provision of health and social services. The successful management of a health and social services system requires plenty of strategic expertise in knowledge management and technological implementation. Productivity Leap is part of the knowledge management specialist team at the Joint Municipal Authority for Social and Healthcare in Central Uusimaa (Keusote). For Keusote, Productivity Leap’s participation has felt like winning the lottery.

Keusote is responsible for the organisation and provision of health and social services in an area of approximately 200,000 residents. The operating area covers the regions of Hyvinkää, Järvenpää, Mäntsälä, Nurmijärvi, Pronainen and Tuusula. Currently, Keusote is preparing for a reform that changes the joint municipal authority for social and healthcare into a wellbeing services county.

“Our organisation is still young. We’ve been responsible for the provision of services for some three years only. To enable efficient operation and demand-based service provision in the wellbeing services county, we need reliable real-time data on people’s health and wellbeing as well as the impact and costs of the available services. Our aim is to lead the way in knowledge management,” states Tuomas Hujala, CIO at Keusote. Hujala acts as the Head of the Knowledge Management Unit at Keusote.

Operation based on consistent concepts

A few years ago, Keusote organised a tender to find a specialist in knowledge management, and Productivity Leap was selected to join the team as a strategic partner. The knowledge management team started to jointly plan the Keusote organisation strategy and implement knowledge management solution models.

Over the course of the project, the team has implemented hypothesis canvas workshops with health and social services representatives. Among other things, the workshops have aimed at identifying strategically important indicators and decision-making situations with regard to various subjects and phenomena.

“The existing system environment in Keusote is highly complex. Many operators have several information systems and applications, all of which are used for reporting. At the hypothesis canvas workshops, our objective has been to harmonise the used concepts to affect the recording of entries and, consequently, the quality of indicators and collected data. In practice, we find out which data should be utilised in managing the health and social services system,” Hujala explains.

Above all, Hujala appreciates Leap’s commitment, innovativeness and professional cooperativeness in the project.

A committed, competent partner

At the moment, the project has progressed to a point where it is possible to prepare the first prediction models. With regard to the so-called Coper model, the team have examined the structure of services for aged people in the Keusote region and created a neural network to predict switching rates in the respective customer segment.

“Right now, all Finnish health and social services organisations are dealing with similar issues. We were lucky to find such a highly specialised partner to build our knowledge management,” Hujala notes with satisfaction.

Above all, Hujala appreciates Leap’s commitment, innovativeness and professional cooperativeness in the project.

“We have worked side by side with Leap, and I believe it is their cutting-edge know-how that has enabled the enormous progress we have achieved. Leap brings in new ideas, and they are highly motivated to facilitate Keusote’s development. Our partner’s extensive insight in the health and social services sector and industry-leading expertise in knowledge management speed up the project significantly,” Hujala rejoices.

Development through increased agility

“We have introduced agile software development methods jointly with Leap. Our Scrum team does not separate experts from one another, but everyone pulls in one direction equally to achieve common goals. We work together daily, and from our point of view, Leap is not a separate operator, but a fully committed partner,” Hujala says.

The modern operating environment has been key to the functional teamwork. To enable Leap’s access to the organisation as an integral team member, it was essential to create good conditions for communality. Every team member has been provided with room to work independently.

“We have placed a lot of trust in our development team and assigned them with numerous responsibilities. Leap’s experts have direct communication channels to our organisation’s employees, and they have an extensive mandate to act independently. The lack of a complex decision-making hierarchy has enabled efficient progress. Of course, this required solid support from the management. The entire organisation has the flexibility and courage to reach for the strategic goals,” Hujala states.


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