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OutSystems is a software company based in Portugal that has developed a low-code platform for rapid application development. Engineers who value detail built a platform to help organizations create business applications and make their businesses more agile. OutSystems is the only solution that combines the best of low-code development with mobile applications, enabling the visual development of complete applications that can be easily integrated to existing systems. OutSystems has thousands of customers in 52 countries.


For more information visit, Twitter @OutSystems and LinkedIn

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CleverHealth Network

CleverHealth Network is an internationally renowned ecosystem, which processes and cultivates health and welfare data, and a forerunner in the health care revolution. We create dozens of world-class solutions related to the cultivation of healthcare data. The health of the citizens always comes first.

CleverHealth Network, established in 2017, is a health technology ecosystem in which companies and health care experts develop better treatment solutions for Finns and successful export products for companies. Product and service innovations are based on HUS’s extensive health data and the leading expertise of clinicians.

CleverHealth Network’s vision is to be an internationally renowned ecosystem, which processes and cultivates health and welfare data, a forerunner in the health care revolution, and to create dozens of world-class solutions related to the cultivation of healthcare data.

For more information visit CleverHealth Network website.


The Leader in data infrastructure automation. 

WhereScape helps IT organizations of all sizes leverage automation to design, develop, deploy, and operate data infrastructure faster. More than 700 customers worldwide rely on WhereScape automation to eliminate hand-coding and other repetitive, time-intensive aspects of data infrastructure projects to deliver data warehouses, vaults, lakes and marts in days or weeks rather than in months or years. 

For more information visit WhereScape website


Develop, manage and secure all your integration and API needs with one simple solution.


FRENDS is a low-code hybrid integration platform with a focus on flexibility and in providing a clean DevOps experience to experienced and newer integration developers alike.

With FRENDS we give our customer the tools and technology to implement data, application, API and process integration projects involving any combination of cloud and on-premises endpoints.

For more information visit FRENDS website.

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The only data warehouse built for the cloud.

Snowflake's mission is to enable every organization to be data-driven. Our cloud-built data warehouse makes that possible by delivering instant elasticity, secure data sharing and per-second pricing, across multiple clouds. Snowflake combines the power of data warehousing, the flexibility of big data platforms and the elasticity of the cloud at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. 

For more information visit Snowflake website



Ellie is an agile, domestic, and cloud-based modeling tool for conceptual, and logical modeling. It follows the Hovi Data Framework method developed by Ari Hovi.

Ellie accelerates and clarifies modelling, allowing models to contain a lot of information in an understandable form. Ellie integrates with other tools and IT systems seamlessly.

For more information visit Ellie website.

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