Meet the Team

Jari Pekkanen

Jari is an experienced project manager and expert of information management who has a lot of experience in customers of public administration and private sector. Jari has a Licentiate degree in computer science and a Master's degree in accounting, as well as 25 years of practical experience in the development of wide customer-specific operative and information management solutions as a project manager, analyst and designer. Solutions of information management include sections of machine learning, Big Data, data storage, reporting solutions, cost accounting systems and management solutions (CPM). 

In his previous role Jari was responsible of public administration (state, health services, counties) tasks in customer-specific BI/DW solutions. He has experience in BI strategy and governance consulting for the finance sector and public administration. He acted, among other things, in the making of VM-funded social and health information management handbook as a technical consultant. 

Information management expert and project manager


Teemu Pekkanen


Machine learning expert

Teemu focuses on machine learning, as well as its supporting and utilizing technologies. He has strong experience in Open Source software for machine learning, such as Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, Scikit-learn etc. and various neural networks. 

Pekka Stigell


Data warehouse expert

Pekka is an experienced data warehouse specialist. He has over 14 years of experience in designing and building data warehouses. Pekka is a certified Data Vault modeler. 

Pekka's goal is to implement data warehouse solutions that are as long-lasting as possible and based on a good architecture. 

He also has a lot of experience in reporting solutions, which helps in the understanding of information management. 

Teemu Laakkonen


Full Stack Developer

For almost all of his career, Teemu has worked as a developer on projects for the Ruokavirasto and the preceding company, Mitpa. He has worked as a responsible developer on a number of projects, working in both the definition team and in implementation. 

Teemu's strengths include the rapid adoption of substance from new, previously unknown areas and the ability to act as a unifying factor between definitions and implementation. 

Miia Sorsa


Integration specialist

Miia is a technical consultant with extensive knowledge of technologies such as data warehousing, Big data, Java and various integration platforms. She has worked on many different projects in multiple roles such as application developer, analyst, technical project manager, integration specialist and data architect. 

Miia has worked extensively in carious industries and technical landscapes. 

Henna Lasarov


Software Developer

Henna is a software developer and tester in projects. She has experience in tools for manual and automatic testing. In testing she specializes in Robot Framework. Henna is also a certified OutSystems mobile developer.

Henna has previous work experience in customer service, teaching and educational assignments, and extensive pedagogical expertise. 

Kari Natunen


CEO, Information management expert and project manager

Kari is an experienced IT manager. He has international leadership experience, business growth and new service development in a performance-driven role. He is able to establish good and trusting relationships with customers, employees and partners and can lead teams to good results. Kari has also been the leader of large-scale ICT-projects and deliveries and has consulted clients in the areas of architecture, processes and data models. 

In his previous role Kari served as provincial director in the role of vice president consulting services. He was responsible for provincial, service center tests, in-house services, both local, global and partner network for this clientele. The unit employed 60 professionals. The unit had a centralized service offering, in particular information management, billing solutions, rescue and fire fighting and product solutions reporting. Kari was responsible for reporting, analytics and big data solutions for the healthcare and municipal industries. 


Marja Valkonen


Data warehouse expert and project manager

Marja is an expert in project management and agile development (Scrum). She has the ability to manage small, fast and easy-to-implement projects as well as large service packages. 

She is a BI expert with good knowledge and practical experience in project management, as well as consulting projects implemented using various reporting and visualization tools and in the cloud environment. She is well-versed in the following tools: Cognos Analytics, Tableau, Qlik View / Qlik Sense and PowerBI. 

Paola Åberg


Full Stack Developer

Paola is a full stack developer with several years of experience in both modern front-end technologies and backend implementations. She also has experience in databases. 

She has been involved in several application implementation and development projects, both as a responsible developer and as part of a larger development team. 

Paola has a M.Sc. in Computer Science. In addition to her major subject, she has minor in Economics, Mathematics and Philosophy. 

Juha Koski


Data warehouse expert and project manager

Juha is a project manager and a data warehouse expert with over 11 years of practical experience in the implementation of organize-wide customer-specific data warehouses. He has worked as a project manager in wide data warehouse projects and has participated in defining, planning and implementation. 

In implementation projects Juha has worked with all sections of data warehouse architecture, in concept modeling, logical modeling, database design, ELT/ETL design and implementation. 

Juha has been involved in data warehouse and reporting related to healthcare for over 11 years. 

Pasi Rikala


Data warehouse and reporting expert

Pasi is an experienced BI expert and data warehouse expert. He has over 20 years of experience in designing and building BI solutions and data warehouses. Pari is a certified DataVault 2.0 expert. 

In his previous roles Pasi has worked as an architect, Cognos modeler and implementer and as a general problem solver. He has provided support to his colleagues both in technical details and generally in finding best practices. 

In addition to analytics Pasi has a strong background in operating systems (various unix distros), firewalls and communications. 


Elina Sarpola


Well-being AI solutions developer

Elina is an experienced developer of analytic and AI solutions of the well-being sector. She has successfully supported the implementation of analytics and especially AI in organizations by, for example, strengthening implementation and ordering knowhow. 

Elina works as an AI "interpreter" between business and technology implementation helping to understand where AI can be utilized. In addition to interpretation Elina is an end-to-end analytics / AI solution developer, innovator, implementation coordinator, implementer and production supervisor. Also the meters for verifying the impact of AI solutions and constant improvement (aka information management) are in the spotlight. 

In addition to AI development she works in data strategy work, ecosystem and platform economy envisioning, creating new methods / concepts, research cooperation etc. promotion as well as a messenger of the possibilities of AI in several events of the industry. 

Seppo Sutinen


Data warehouse expert

Seppo is an experienced data warehouse specialist with extensive and broad experience in clients of public and private sector. Seppo has defined, designed and implemented databases for large data warehouses and associated in ETL/ELT processes. Seppo has a Data Vault 2.0 modeling certification CDVP2. 

Because of his previous work history, Seppo is easy to work with and to get along with various people as customers and in the work community. 

Pauli Rikala


Full Stack Developer

Pauli is an experienced IT generalist and has been in the business since 2007. He has experience in defining, designing and implementing a number of public and private sector information systems. 

He has a broad vision of IT solutions and is able to solve difficult and extensive problems. 

Pauli is well versed with a variety of people and is able to act in many different roles, helping the team to achieve goals and solve coming problems. 

Ville Stigell


Data Engineer

Ville is an experienced Business Intelligence professional with over 10 years of experience in various reporting and data warehouse solutions. Ville is a natural in the customer interface, handles even more difficult issues professionally, and creates a positive atmosphere for the surrounding team. Ville's strengths include problem-solving skills and unrelenting work on challenging projects. 

In his previous role, Ville worked with data warehouse and reporting solutions in healthcare domain. In this position, Ville gained a great deal of experience working in the healthcare services business and saw widely the information utilization needs of small and large hospitals in Finland and abroad. 

Jari Takala


Full Stack Developer

Jari has worked on projects for Ruokavirasto and its predecessors (Elintarviketurvallisuusvirasto, Maaseutuvirasto, Maanmittauslaitoksen tietotekniikan palvelukeskus) for nearly twenty years. He has solid experience in all stages of application development. 

During numerous application maintenance and development phases, Jari has acted directly in the customer interface and has gained the customer's trust.

Jari is a M.Sc. in Computer Science. In addition to major subject studies, he has completed minor in economics and mathematics. 

Timo Viinikka


Data warehouse expert and software developer

Timo is an experienced data warehouse expert and software developer. He has experience in development and maintenance projects for several operating systems in the customer interface. He has worked as a system definer, designer, implementer and trainer. 

Timo has also worked as an expert in client interface for several data warehouse projects, designing and implementing data warehouse solutions for both database and data downloads. 

Jaakko Räsänen


Full Stack Developer

In a short time, Jaakko has accumulated experience in a variety of jobs. He has particular experience in Business Intelligence. In this area, he has the most experience in reporting, data visualization and databases. 

Other job responsibilities include mobile app development (Full Stack), design and implementation of databases, system integration, manual testing and website implementation.

Jaakko also has experience in construction industry for a few years. 

Hannu Kavakka


Integration expert, project manager and Scrum Master

Hannu is an experienced integration expert as well as a Scrum Master / project manager. For the past 14 yeas Hannu has worked in diverse tasks, for example in several SAP PI integration projects of the state administration.

The past work tasks have included the tasks of an ETL analyst, integration analyst, production Change Manager and technical project manager. Most familiar fields are the state administration and banking sector that was introduced in 2016. 

Lassi Mäkelä


Data Engineer

Lassi has a master's degree in information and knowledge management and has experience in agile development as well as in Business Intelligence. In his previous work tasks he has developed different organizations' businesses and processes by utilizing data gathered in their information systems and creating easily understandable reports. 

Lassi has also studied software production as a minor subject and worked as a project manager, developer and tester in different software projects. 

Tero-Matti Kinanen


Architect and information management expert

Tero-Matti Kinanen is an experienced professional in information management. During his career, he has been a project manager, ICT-manager, sales, production and procurement manager, head of the business unit, CEO, consult in information management and an architect.

He has skills in understanding large entireties, but he also masters knowledge of information management from modelling to databases and coding in detail.


Tero-Matti has an ability to establish good and trustable relationships with all those involved in projects. 

Ismo Tuononen


Database expert

Ismo Tuononen has over 30 years of experience designing and optimizing databases.

Work assignments have also included implementing different applications to many different environments using a variety of technologies and languages.

In his previous role, Ismo was responsible for product development, and for optimizing the performance of product databases.

Mikko Vaaranmäki

Business intelligence expert

Mikko is an experienced BI-expert, and close to graduating as M.Sc. of Information management. Mikko has worked in several different BI and data warehouse design roles, especially using Microsoft tools.


Mikko also has done comprehensive and interdisciplinary studies, from databases and programming to agile development and service design.


Jarkko Kröger

Business intelligence expert

Jarkko is a data warehousing and reporting professional. He has several years of experience in BI/DW development and maintenance projects in various industries, including aspects of data storage and reporting. Jarkko has also served in administrative positions on the project for several years.

Thaks to his social nature, Jarkko is genuinely exited to be able to interact with different teams and people, solving problems to achieve a common goals. 


Toni Orpana

Business intelligence expert

Toni, M.Sc. of Information Technology, has vast experience in management reporting, agile project working, software development, user-driven design, data warehousing as well as access control. In his previous work he worked as a software designer and developer, as well as a technical project manager.

Toni is a proactive problem solver, who is motivated to implement need-driven, practical and easy-to-use solutions, in addition to developing business processes for organizations.


Paavo Koivistoinen


Data Engineer

Paavo is an enthusiastic developer. Currently he's studying for Master of Computer Science in the Joensuu campus of the University of Eastern Finland, where he is doing his thesis with Productivity Leap. In the university he is focusing his studies to the theory of deep learning and creating practical models. He's fast learner and is enthusiastic to take new challenges. 

In his previous role Paavo worked as a software developer for a healthcare application and has gathered understanding from the area of social and healthcare. 

In addition to his studies, Paavo has also founded a computer science association Skripti ry in 2018 with other students and has been the chairman of the association since its establishment. He is also the representative of the student union of the University of Eastern Finland from 2020 to 2022. 

Eero Sormunen

Data Engineer

Eero is still a student, but an up-and-coming IT expert. He has knowledge of several different areas, such as software development, data analytics, and data processing. He has gathered practical experience in different projects and exercises.

He is studying his master's of computer science in the University of Eastern Finland. In addition to data processing, Eero has know-how of statistics and accounting.


Juho Nykänen


Full Stack Developer

Juho is a worker and student who is passionate and hungry for knowledge. He is currently studying a bachelor’s degree on computer science at the University of Eastern Finland Joensuu campus. As his minor subject Juho is studying data sciences. His major subject studies will be strongly emphasized on data analytics, algorithmic problem solving and artificial intelligence. Juho will write his bachelor’s thesis in cooperation with Productivity Leap.


He has work experience from the logistics sector. Through this, he has gathered his knowledge of the internal operations and methods of large companies.


Juho is also a part of the data science student organization Skripti ry.

Matias Eko


Business Intelligence Expert

Matias is a Master’s student of information management, on his final steps on graduating. In addition to information management, he has studied information analytics and information system management. Matias has developed strong theoretical knowhow during his studies, which he is motivated to use in his work.


Through summer jobs Matias has experience from finance management and sales, which have developed his understanding of businesses of different industries and their development.

Eemil Turunen


Business Intelligence Expert

Eemil is a computer science Master’s student at the University of Eastern Finland. As an active team member he strives to reach high-quality results while helping others to achieve as good results as possible. Thanks to further ongoing studies, he has received the latest possible knowhow in computer science.


Eemil is keen to learn and study new techniques for data visualization and data analysis in the ever-evolving world of IT.

Lauri Kuronen


Business Intelligence Expert

Lauri, Bachelor of Mathematics, has strong analytical skills and strong knowhow in IT. The future direction will be a Master's degree in business analytics and a specialization in how to apply artificial intelligence and machine vision in business problems. In addition to mathematics, Lauri has also studied computer science and economics.

In addition to skills learned in school and free-time, Lauri has learned strong communication skills in his previous position with companies and public sector actors.

Pekka Kinnunen


Project manager

Pekka is an experienced project manager and developer of business services. His background in business analytics gives him excellent prerequisites to understand businesses through data and good practical skills for data handling. He has used these strengths successfully with defining and implementing business needs, metrics, and operating systems of analytic solutions. Pekka has experience in developing the data management for shipment and sales processes of international machining industry, as well as public sector service management, public management, and developing data-based asset management.


In his previous role, Pekka worked for four years as an analytic expert, where his responsibilities were in developing analytics on bureau-level. In this time a cloud platform for analytics was implemented, expert service contracts were tendered out for solution development, internal expert network was implemented, as well as several analytic solutions were implemented in the form of projects. In the projects, Pekka's role was primarily to identify user needs, define assignments, prioritize tasks and ensure that goals are met.

Samuel Reittonen


Business Intelligence Expert

Samuel is a versatile developer of information products and BI-architectures with a wide range of technology and method know-how in business, product, application and service development sectors.


In his previous positions he has worked as a business, service, and digital product designer, as a developer of reporting solutions and developing methods, as well as a technology architect.

Samuel has studied to be a developer (vocational school) and specialized in designing digital products and services.


He uses his extensive knowledge in the technical aspects and developer knowhow of different sector of BI-development in a customer-friendly and efficient way. With interdisciplinary and multi-industry cooperation, he develops modern and accessible information products and services, that fill the needs of businesses and end clients.

Anna Virtanen


Data Scientist

Anna Virtanen is finishing her master’s studies of Electronics at the University of Tampere. In her studies she has specialized in AI, machine learning, mathematics, and data technologies. In addition to this, she has experience of health technology, agile software development, and academic work at the University of Tampere.


Anna is a happy team player and eager to apply the knowledge she has accumulated in her studies to practical projects in work.

Henri Immonen


Automation Expert and Full Stack Developer

Henri is a capable software developer who has worked as a developer in different industries for over a half a decade. He is an electrical engineer and he graduated from Aalto University.


In his previous roles he has worked as a backend and plugin developer near hardware, maintained server power lab, implemented integrations between customer systems, worked as a full stack developer, and been responsible for designing, developing and maintaining different bots implemented in clouds.

Kalle Rouvinen


Front-End Developer

Kalle is a software developer specialized in developing and implementation of user interfaces, with three years of experience in working with mobile and web-applications. His passion is the implementation of easy-to-use and responsive user interfaces.


Kalle’s technical know-how is concentrated on modern web technologies and implementing applications of location information. In addition to these, he has an eye for details and vision for implementing easy-to-use and user-friendly applications.


In addition to technical know-how, in his previous role Kalle has accumulated industry know-how in the maintenance of construction and infrastructure.

Niina Pekkanen

Niina is studying at the University of Tampere for a Master of Science in Information Management. She has software production as a minor subject. Niina also has a background in technical-natural studies.

Through her studies, she has accumulated experience in programming, databases, and various aspects of information management.

Miska Natunen


Miska is studying at Joensuu University for a Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Science in computer science. Miska also finds competence in software robotics.

Jussi Pietikäinen


Jussi is an experienced consultant and project manager. Jussi has a strong knowledge of data warehouses and JEE, which has been accumulated over 20 years, as a rule, in public sector projects.


Jussi is a certified Scrum Master, Data Vault expert and java programmer. In education, Jussi holds a Master of Science (Computer Science).


For the past few years, Jussi has been a consultant on data warehouses.

Project manager and Data warehouse expert