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Low-code Developer

We are looking for a low-code Developer and trainee to join our low-code team.

What We Offer

We offer you an interesting task in an agile IT company, where staff and customers’ success is the starting point for our business. Mutual trust is important to us, so you can choose your own work tools, working hours, and workplaces according to your preferences.

We believe in participation. Projects and projects are implemented in independent DevOps teams, consisting of groups of 5 to 8 people supported by the company. Decision-making is decentralised and occurs in groups.

You will participate in recruiting other team members and you can influence the choice of your co-workers. We will help you to expand your skills. We want to grow you together with other team members to become industry’s top experts.

How Do We Work

Productivity Leap is a new agility IT company whose solutions bring productivity to a new level. We offer IT services, products and consulting that enhance processes, use and share resources.

We are convinced that new technologies and agile methods reduce costs, improve quality and speed up operations. With productivity at its peak, fewer resources are needed for good results. This benefits not only the company, but also environment and people.

We work with the Mean-Clean-Lean principles. Mean means that we know what we want, allowing us to implement projects effectively by utilising modern working methods and tools. Clean means that we operate on the basis of sustainable, customer, employee and environmental principles. Lean means that a company does not do anything unnecessary, all business operations serve customer work and provide added value to customers, avoiding extra costs and ownership.

What's Important to Us

You are able to work independently in a team as a full member. You are familiar with dealing with a customer and gain confidence in other teams and customers. You manage your work efficiently and safely. You dare to ask for help when you are uncertain about what to do and offer help when you see someone else having difficulties.

What We Hope From You

We hope for you to continue to develop and educate, to understand the benefits of developing agility, to recognise the importance of open and constructive discussion.

We appreciate university education.

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More About Us

Productivity Leap is an agile ICT company whose solutions bring your organisation’s productivity to a new level. We know by experience that new technologies and agile methods reduce costs, improve quality and speed up operations. 

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